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Supplying Cocktail bases, Syrups and Purees we will be selling and marketing a delicious range of premium products across Australia.

Badger Beers

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Badger Beer now available through our associated and supportive retailers

8 x 500ml Bottles
24 x 500ml cans

Red Stripe

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The famous Red Stripe beer comes imported from Jamaica in the original short neck stumpy bottle.
Red Stripe is a global brand and sold throughout the world. Red Stripe is coming back into trend, especially here in Australia.
The Red Stripe bottle is a stand out.

24 x 330ml bottles
4.5% abv

Petrus - Belgium Beers

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We carry the fuller range of Petrus beers from Belgium

24 x 330ml Bottles

Brains SA Smooth

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A brand new product in the Brains SA portfolio, the SA Smooth can, hit shelves only a few months after the introduction of the draught beer.
SA Smooth has a lower ABV to appeal to a wider audience of drinkers and is already proving to be a well-liked beer and a pint worth savouring.

4.0% abv
24 x 440ml Can

Brains - Bitter

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Brains Bitter is one of the longest-standing mainstays of Brains beer range and is their biggest selling cask ale with 12 pints sold each minute. Its easy drinking style has repeatedly proven popular with the cask ale customer as testified by the numerous awards won, most notably being the only Welsh winner in the Telegraph Best of British Beer Awards 2007.

The famous ‘pint of Brains’ is rich amber coloured, well balanced and refreshing. Goldings and Fuggles hops from the Welsh Marches create an appetising crisp aroma to complement the subtle flavour of fine pale malt.

Brains - Black (Stout)

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Brains Black is an exciting new stout from Brains.
This finest Welsh stout has a bitterness and a distinctive dark malt flavour that is instantly recognisable as a true reflection of this style of beer.
It has already proven extremely popular in consumer taste tests appealing to both new and established stout drinkers, and combined with its distinctive and contemporary identity, Brains Black is set to become a classic stout.

4.1% abv
440ml x 24 can

St Austell - Proper Job

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Proper Job is an authentic IPA brewed with Cornish spring water and malt made from a blend of malts including Cornish grown Maris Otter barley. A powerfully hopped golden bitter that explodes with citrus grapefruit flavours.
Served chilled Proper Job is a refreshing barbeque drink which is fantastic with marinaded meats, burgers and flame grilled sausages.

Proper Job won GOLD in the Strong Bottled Beer category at the SIBA South West Beer Festival 2009.

5.5% abv
12 x 500ml Bottles

St Austell - Admirals Ale

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This premium bottle-conditioned ale has been uniquely brewed using our own Cornish Gold malt. Locally grown barley is traditionally malted using a special kilning process which develops a deeper intensity of colour and flavour than ordinary barley malt. Blended with both Styrian Golding and Cascade hops, the result is a deep bronze ale with a delicious rich biscuit flavour and a wonderful spicy aroma.
Brewed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar in 1805.

Gold Winner at the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival 2010

5% abv
12 x 500ml Bottles

St Austell - Smugglers

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A very special bounty indeed, Smugglers is a unique blend of dark ale and oak-aged barley wine. This strong beer is brewed and racked into oak whisky casks before being hidden away in our cellars. During its long slumber the beer undergoes an extraordinary transformation, emerging rich and complex with hints of whisky, creamy vanilla, toffee and spice.

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